Selling unwanted sterling silverware has certainly become more prevalent that last year or so as the price of silver has continued to rise, we receive many inquiries for all types of silverware, here is an interesting one where our client is interested in selling bits and pieces of a sterling silverware set.

Question / Inquiry:
I am thinking about selling my Prelude sterling silver flatware,  I have some pieces and the Pattern is ‘Prelude’, I am curious in knowing what I could get for same.

Here is a list of what I have:
1 dinner fork
1 dinner knife
4 pie or dessert forks
9 teaspoons

I know that is not a great deal of items but if you could give me an idea on what they are worth it would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Answer / Reply:
Hello Bonnie,

I will list prices for your Prelude sterling silverware below, I should mention that the knife will have a stainless steel blade and the handle will be filled so the only part of the blade that is actually sterling silver is the outer sheath.

1 dinner fork: approximately 50 grams @ .60 cents per gram = $30.00
1 dinner knife: contains approximately 15 grams of sterling silver @ .60 cents per gram = $9.00
4 pie or dessert forks: approximately 25 grams each for a total of 100 grams @ .60 cents per gram = $60.00
9 teaspoons: approximately 20 grams each for a total of 180 grams @ 60 cents per gram = $108.00

The estimated total for the items you have described is 345 grams x 60 cents per gram = $207.00 as your payment amount.  Please be aware that this is an estimate, I try my best to be as accurate as possible but the total payment amount may be slightly higher or slightly lower that what I have quoted.  I can’t give an exact price until I see the items in person.

If you are interested in learning more about selling your sterling silverware you can have a look at this post where I go through the purchase step by step.

Best Regards,


More About Prelude Sterling Silver Flatware

Prelude sterling silver flatware first arrived on the scene in 1939 and quickly became a top seller for it’s manufacturer The International Silver Company.  The prelude pattern feature slim handles with 2 flowered assembles which creates a classic design that has been duplicated by competitors over the years.

The International Silver Company was established in 1898 and quickly gained a reputation for fine quality craftmanship across North America.  Their tradition continues on today as part of the Lifetime Sterling group of companies.

The Complete Prelude set features: (see image below)

Salad Forks
Place Forks
Place Knives
Oval Soup Spoons
Cream Soup Spoons
Butter Serving Knife
Cold Meat Fork
Serving Spoon
Sugar Spoon
Butter Knife
Cold Meat Fork
Pie Server
Pierced Serving Spoon
Serving Spoon
Sugar Spoon

Prelude Sterling Silver Flatware

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