Question/Inquiry: I have been working for assay labs for many years now.I have done thousands of gold and precious metals assays. To make it short,I have had the privilege of keeping and recuperating gold and other precious metals(rhodium,Platinum and Palladium etc) in trace quantities.I have accumulated between 50 to 80 grams. It’s probably at least 98% pure gold. Is it possible to sell this form of gold. Do you assay the lot for purity and if so what is the cost? Please give me information on the whole process.


Hello Martin,

Yes, I assume the type of material you are referring to are much like gold sweeps.  We do purchase gold sweeps, in a nutshell we would take your material and melt it into one solid ingot or nugget.  After it is melted we would assay it using our Xrf machine, the result will tell us actual gold content and you would be paid on that.

The image below shows what a typical result looks like from our xrf machine, it details many different precious and non precious metals, the result pictured below is actually from sample of platinum wire we recently purchased but as you can see there any many other metals featured within the result.

Who Melts And Assays Gold

For the sake of argument if your sample comes back at 98% gold content and it weighs 80 grams we would pay $42.87 per gram, the total payment amount would be $3429.92.  We do not charge for melting and assaying gold lots if you are selling to us and I don’t know anyone who melts and assays gold without purchasing it.

As for getting your material here, we offer our shipping service Canada wide, once we receive your material you will have a confirmed price within 5 business days. We normally offer guaranteed pricing within 24 hours but yours is a specialized material and takes a few days longer.

Hope that answers all your questions and I hope to hear from you again soon.

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