There are many uses of Platinum. One of the most common is in the catalytic converter. These are found in cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles as well as industrial ventilation equipment and are used to help reduce emissions.

You see Platinum effectively reduces carbon dioxide emissions that come out of engines and has saved the world from untold amounts of this dangerous gas from radiating into the atmosphere.

Platinum Jewelry, Coins and Bullion

In most countries where platinum jewelry is manufactured, it’s made in a purity of at least 85 per cent platinum. Other platinum group metals – palladium, ruthenium and iridium – and copper and cobalt are alloyed with platinum to optimize its working capability and wear properties.

Other types of jewelry made from Platinum include: necklaces, rings, weddings bands, engagment ring settings, earrings, bracelets and more.

Platinum coins are collected more as an investment due to their high cost and value. Platinum bars are manufactured mainly for investment purposes as well.

Scientific Uses of Platinum:

Platinum is highly useful in laboratory settings. It has a high melting point and is a resistant to corrosion. It is also very malleable in a pure form, and will not have an affect on the outcome of any type of experiment.

Many basic labware items are made of Platinum for better and more accurate results. It’s also great for use in instruments built to measure very high temperatures. Because of it’s high resistance to temperatures, it can also be used as a coating on things like missiles and fuel nozzles.

Medical Uses of Platinum:

In a medical sense, uses of platinum are worth more than any amount of money. It is great for use in pacemakers because it will not corrode within the body. It can also be used in many types of drugs.

During experimentation, it was found that a tumor in the human body shrunk when platinum was placed next to it. The conclusion is it may be instrumental in fighting some forms of cancer, and may play a huge role in that endeavor in the future.

For a long time, mercury was used for dental filings, but that has changed in recent years. Mercury in the body has dangerous side effects, so new materials had to be used. One of those materials that can be safely used is platinum or palladium (usually mixed with ruthenium or iridium) to produce crowns and artificial teeth. It will not corrode in the mouth, and is very durable.

Industrial Applications Of Platinum

  • Nitric Acid – Platinum-based catalysts have now been used in the commercial manufacture of nitric acid for a century.
  • Silicones – Adding platinum compounds controls curing, helping to achieve the properties required for the numerous uses they have in everyday life.
  • Computer Hard Disks – Platinum improves the data storage capacity of hard disks and today, all hard disks contain platinum in their magnetic layers.
  • Electronic Components – Palladium-containing components are used in virtually every type of electronic device.
  • Crucibles – With their high melting points and resistance to chemical attack, iridium and Platinum are the preferred material of choice for crucibles.
  • Glass – Used in the production of glass, platinum’s high melting point, strength and resistance to corrosion allow it to withstand the abrasive action of molten glass.
  • Medical – Platinum inhibits the division of living cells and this property has resulted in the development of platinum-based drugs to treat a wide range of cancers.
  • Sensors – Are used in a variety of applications: measuring of oxygen and NOx levels in car engine control systems; detection of carbon monoxide in home safety devices; wire, foil and disc electrodes for various sensors in medical equipment

Other Uses Of Platinum

Another of the uses of platinum is use in the petroleum industry. Because this metal is a strong catalyst, it is used to speed up production. When exposed to certain elements or other substances, the chemical reaction comes about much more quickly, thus speeding up the refining of crude oil for its many uses.

As you can see the usefulness of Platinum streches far and wide, I hope you have found this article of interest, please continue to browse our website.

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