Kitco is currently hosting live seminars such as May 31st, 2012’s “Money, Debt and Gold”. Each month Kitco will feature on-going various guest presenters whose expertise offers crucial information pertinent to today’s precious metals market. These unique ‘coffee break’ webinars are open to the public and are specifically designed for investors of metals such as gold and silver as well as anyone who is interested in the trends and future of the precious metal market.

Sonya Dore announced this particular coffee break webinar, featuring guest presenter Mr. Brien Lundin who spoke on the topic of “Money, Debt and Gold.” These coffee break webinars are currently presented monthly and provide crucial insights, details and information on the precious metals industry. These seminars are designed to be under 50 minutes in length and also provide for a live question and answer segment.

Brien Lundin’s View Of The Future Of The Precious Metal Market

Mr. Lundin’s career has spanned over three decades in the investment markets, he is President and CEO of Jefferson Financial, Inc. Jefferson Financial Inc. is a highly regarded producer of investment-oriented events and publisher of investment newsletters as well as special reports on metals and finances.

Brian LundinMr. Lundin is also the publisher and editor of the Gold Newsletter. The Gold Newsletter is known as a publication which presents the cornerstone of global precious metals advisories and has done so since 1971. Mr. Lundin hosts the annual New Orleans Investment Conference (NOIC), the oldest and most respected investment event of its particular kind. Mr. Lundin has brought together the giants of today’s investing, economic issues and geopolitics in these intimate and unique coffee break presentations. Many other renowned guest speakers (such as Sarah Palin) of today’s most sophisticated private investors are already scheduled for future Kitco’s informative coffee break webinars.

Being a very active investor and an expert speculator known in the mining and technology sectors, Lundin is also the co-founder and chairman of Natcore Technology, Inc., which controls a very intensive revolutionary new film-growth technology which promises to transform solar energy, semiconductor performance as well as focusing on the optoelectronic industries.

Money Debt and Gold – The Cycle

Today’s webinar “Money, Debt and Gold” focuses on issues which are extremely volatile. Precious metals investors need to be very aware of the way debt and gold hook margin from this megatrend. Mr. Lundin touches on the market of 2006, 2008, and as well as today’s decade long bull market. Mr. Lundin explains with charts as well the bullish uptrend which reflects the times we are in with regard to current bull market.

Gold 10 Year ChartMr. Lundin points out that gold has rebounded and May 31, 2012’s will explain what he believes is the eventual result that will be looked back upon to the market that took place in 2000 through 2001 and how he still believes that silver, silver leverage and gold are still solid investments, despite the fact that the recent gold prices have fallen and are will be set right back looking and based upon the chart’s magnitude of crisis of 2008 which was equally momentous. Mr. Lundin doesn’t think it is lowering. The credit crisis has affected the market and shows the trends of past, present and future and how they all tie together.

Gold Cycles With Credit Crisis’s

He quotes the April 30th 2012 101.49% Gross Federal Debt and acknowledges the US ten year treasury yields which as he describes, have reached and exceeded the lows of the 2008 crisis. While he realizes that the supply is soaring behind the scene and money will rise higher. The excess reserves of Depository Institutions (EXCRESNS) Source: Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve affect the world debt, money and the CPI. Gold and gross federal debt results are intriguing amongst a rapid rise in debt.

Mr. Lundin speaks on such topics of gold and silver during the “Reagan Years” when gold was quite responsive and the gold and about the M2 money supply re-based to 100 on July 31, 1971.

Mr. Lundin acknowledges that the government rigs the game that investors are faced with analyzing and he mentions that gold skeptics and the gold CPI.

Despite market inabilities to gain at this very moment, charts literally show uncharted territory as to why gold has operated as a safe haven during economic crisis. Gold reacts to economic guidelines. Mr. Lundin reiterates that gold truly reacts to fundamental shocks to the market. However, once the credit crisis leaves, financial institutions resort to gold and silver.

When Mr. Lundin was asked in his question and answer segment, “Why there was no inflation yet?” He responded to say that he does not think we will see what we saw in the 1970’s because of our relationships with developing countries and they have a great effect on the US’s countries depressing prices which are now truly affecting the middle class.

In Conclusion – Where Is Silver Heading?

In closing, Mr. Lundin was firm on his reaction, when asked about what he thought regarding his expectations on silver confidently replied that he believes silver will follow gold to the upside and the downside and believes that the world views will become secure in acknowledging that wherever gold goes is where silver will go.

He also added in closing, that industrial factors have nothing to do with the silver market, an interesting opinion but I’m not sure I agree with his last statement altogether. I believe that with the increased use of silver in the industrial market along with the demand from new investors that silver could actually out perform gold in the years to come, so yes I believe silver is still a good investment today.

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