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Canada’s Silver Buyers. If you’re here you’re are probably looking for information on how to sell your silver or you would like how much your silver is worth. Well you’ve come to the right place.

Are you interested in selling your silverware? Silver jewelry, coins and more?

We provide you with a safe, secure way to sell your unwanted silverware, silver jewelry, coins and bullion quickly and easily.

Many people accumulate unwanted items over the course of time and are happy to learn that they can turn them into spendable cash.

You may be asking: “What kinds of items do you buy?…”

What Kinds Of Silver Do You Buy?

As silver buyers we buy silverware, coins, jewelry, electrical contacts, silver bars and more… we buy the following Silver and Sterling Silver items:

Silver Jewelry, Silverware, Antiques etc:

Sterling silver flatware or silverware:

  • Partial or complete sterling silverware sets
  • Sterling Silver tea services, Goblets, Cups
  • Sterling Silver, Forks, Knives and Spoons
  • Silver Candelabras, Silver Candle Holders
  • Silver Tea Pots

Sterling Silver Jewelry: (large and small lots)

  • silver rings
  • silver chain
  • silver bracelets
  • silver earrings
  • silver necklaces
  • silver bangles

Antique Silver Items

Silver Vases, Snuff Boxes, Candy Dishes

All Sterling Silver items that we purchase must have one of the following markings: Sterling Silver, Sterling, Ster, 999, 950, 925 or 800.

Coins, Industrial and Bullion Products:

Silver Coins

Silver Findings

Pre 1965 U.S. or American Coins:

  • Dollars, Half dollars, Quarters and Dimes only

Pre 1967 Canadian Coins

  • Dollars, Half dollars, Quarters and Dimes only

Silver Bullion, Silver Bars

Silver Wire, Sheet, Mesh and Tubing
(please contact us for further information)

Electrical Silver Contacts
(please contact us for further information)

*Please note: Any weighted Sterling Silver items will require additional processing/pricing time.*

Thinking of selling your sterling silverware, sterling silver jewelry, silver coins or silver bullion? Why not contact us now…

Would You Like More Information? Contact Canada’s Silver Buyers :

Don’t see your item listed here? Would you like more information? Great, click here to use our secure contact form or give us a call at 1 877 446 7347

Are There Any Silver Items You Don’t Purchase?

We do not purchase silver plated items.

Silver Facts:

Sterling Silver is considered to be .925 fine or 92.5% actual silver.

Silver prices are at a 20 year high so it’s a great time to think about selling your items.

Silver Bullion or Bars are usually marked .999 fine or 99.9% actual silver content.

After 1967 the Canadian greatly reduced the amount of silver contained in their dollar, half dollar, quarters and dimes.

The U.S. mint greatly reduced the use of silver in their coinage after 1964.

Silver Element Symbol – Ag

Silver’s Melting Point: – 961.78 Degrees Celsius. / 1763.20 Degrees Fahrenheit

Areas Served:

If you’re thinking of selling your unwanted gold, platinum or silver remember we buy gold and precious metals Canada wide including:

Ontario On, British Columbia BC, Alberta AB, Saskatchewan SK, Manitoba MB, Quebec QC, Nova Scotia NS, New Brunswick NB, Newfoundland and Labrador NL, Prince Edward Island PEI, Yukon YT, Nunavut and the North West Territories NT

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