Question / Inquiry:
I am thinking about selling my rose point sterling silverware, I am curious how you determine the price and how it works.
Thank you, Lorrie

Yes we do purchase sterling silverware, anything we purchase should have one of the following hallmarks: Ster, Sterling, Sterling Silver, Stg or 925.

We offer office visits, home visits and also have a shipping service you can use, you can find more information on that here.

Pricing Your Silverware:

When selling rose point sterling silverware, the price your silverware will fetch depends greatly on it’s weight, we are currently paying 60 cents per gram.  If you tell me how many place settings your set contains I could provide you with an estimate on what your payment amount may be, also let me know if there are any additional service pieces within the set.

When I see the set in person I will weigh all of the forks, spoons, serving pieces etc in grams. I will weigh the knives separately because only the outer layer of the handle contains sterling silver, the blades are usually made of stainless steel and the handles are filled with a filler material.  The outer sheath of the knife which is sterling  are approximately 20% of the total weight of the knife.

Once I have the total weight of the set I will multiply it by the amount we are currently paying for sterling silver, for example today we are paying 62 cents per gram.  If your set weighs 1000 grams we would pay $700.00 for your set.

This link will take you to a post I wrote about selling sterling silverware and will provide you with more information.
The set featured in that post was a fairly heavy set and also contained several additional serving pieces.

Again let me know how many place settings your set is and if it comes with any additional serving pieces.


History Of The Rose Point Pattern:

The Rose Point pattern is a style fashioned after needlepoint, it is very detailed and will be reminiscent of a intricate lace design. It was first produced by Wallace silversmiths in the United States in 1934 and is difficult to find these days. Although it is an intricate design it is dishwasher safe and remains one of the most sought after replacements patterns today.  This image will show how detailed the pieces are:

Rose Point Sterling Silverware Pattern


The Wallace Silversmith company was established in 1935, originating in New England Wallace was especially known for a high degree or quality craftsmanship and the ability  to produce artisan patterns that remain highly sought after even today.  From modern classic designs to old world intricate details Wallace was and remains one of the top producers of sterling ware today.

As you can see from the image below every piece of the Rose Point pattern is beautifully detailed and suggests an old world feel while being extremely durable:

Rose Point Sterling Silverware Place Settings


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