Lots of people have old dental work that has value, we purchase all types of dental gold including old gold crowns, fillings, bridges, caps, partials  and other types of dental work.  This particular client is a dentist interested in selling gold crowns and other dental gold as well as some silver amalgam tablets.

Question / Inquiry:
I am interested in selling some old gold crowns etc. from my dental practice (now retired). I am also interested in selling some silver amalgam tablets left over from my practice. How do I proceed to get them analyzed for worth?

Reply / Answer:
Yes we do purchase old gold crowns, fillings, partials, bridges etc.  The value of dental gold depends on a few factors:

Factors Affecting The Price Your Dental Gold


Yellow Dental Gold Is Best

Gold CrownAre the crowns and other items you have yellow dental gold? Typically yellow dental gold retains it’s color very well, most yellow dental gold is around the 16 karat or .666 or 66.6% actual gold content.  FGC’s or full gold crowns can be composed of many different precious metals including silver, palladium, platinum and gold.  They can also contain copper and some even tin.  Gold crowns can contain up to 75% (18 karat) gold but most are in the 66.6% range(16 karat).

Condition Of Your Dental Gold

Are they free of tooth matter and porcelain? If not this material needs to be removed before it can be properly weighed and melted. You can read this post on removing porcelain from dental gold , it will give you an idea on how to do that yourself or you can send the items into us and we will remove it if you wish.

Weight Of Your Dental Gold

Do you have a rough idea on the weight of the dental crowns? If you could provide me with an idea on the weight in grams of your material I could provide you with an estimate. I can tell you that today, May 5th, 2012 we are currently paying $24.15 per gram for yellow dental gold.


Value Of Old Gold Crowns

The value of your dental gold depends greatly on it’s weight and make up, an old gold crown can weigh anywhere from 2 to 8 grams which means a single crown can bring you anywhere from $48.30 to $193.20.  Providing they are free of tooth matter and porcelain they can be processed and your payment made within 24hrs of us receiving your items.


Selling Your Silver Amalgam Tablets

Silver Amalgam TabletsWith regards to selling your silver amalgam tablets, I assume they are unused?  If so could, can you tell me if you have any documentation on them? You see old silver dental amalgam used to contain 50% mercury which is highly poisonous and not something many people are willing to purchase due to the strict restrictions and costs involved in refining this material. As a matter of fact most dentists these days pay people to remove the known mercury bearing amalgam from their practices.

Today dental amalgam is different and does not contain mercury but instead is made up of silver, copper and tin.  The two most common mixtures are as follows:
48% silver (ag) | 22% copper (cu) | 30% tin (sn)
68% silver (ag) | 13% copper (cu) | 19% tin (sn)

If you are able to tell me how much material you have in weight (grams) and the actual silver content of the amalgam I could provide you with pricing.  If you are selling silver  amalgam tablets that contain mercury it is not something we would purchase.

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