Selling gold jewelry: Are you looking for information on how to sell your gold jewelry?

With the recent rise in gold prices many people are taking advantage by selling their unwanted, broken or out of style gold jewelry they wish to turn into cash.

Many people have gold jewelry they no longer wear or is no longer in style, twisted chains, an earring that’s lost it’s partner, broken gold jewelry or are liquidation a loved ones estate.

Tips On Finding A Gold Buyer When Selling Gold Jewelry:

Looking for information on how to sell your gold jewelry?

1. Are You Dealing With A Real Company?
Do they have a phone number so you can speak to a live person about your sale? Do they have a location you can visit if you wish?

2. How Are Prices Listed?
Many companies try to confuse people by listing their prices in Pennyweight as opposed to grams, you see a penny weight equals 1.55 grams, by listing prices in pennyweight it appears they pay more than their competitors.

Don’t be misled! Some companies don’t even list their prices and won’t even tell you them over the phone! That doesn’t sound right does it?

We list our prices in both Pennyweight and Grams so you know exactly how much you will be receiving.

3. How Do You Know What Your Gold Jewelry Is Worth? Gold Price Formula:
When you sell your items the price you will receive is determined by multiplying the items weight by the karat price per gram.

i.e. Here’s an example. You have a 10 gram 10 karat chain. At the time of this writing we are paying $10.05 per gram for 10 karat gold jewelry so….
10 grams x $10.05 per gram = $100.50
So you would receive $100.50 for your 10 gram 10 karat chain

Now you may be asking how can I determine what my items weigh when I’m selling my gold jewelry ?…

4. How Do I Know How Much My Items Weigh?

It is always helpful to have a good idea on how much your unwanted gold jewelry weighs so you can determine how much you should receive when selling them. First you should divide the items you wish to sell into their separate karats i.e. all 10k in one pile, all 14k in one pile, all 18k in one pile etc.

If you don’t know the karat of your items you can group them all together.

Three Ways To Determine How Much Your Items Weigh:

1. The best method is if you have a fairly accurate scale that measures in grams weigh each group and record their weight on a piece of paper.

2. A loonie weighs 7 grams and a quarter weighs 5 grams, you can hold your items in one hand and the corresponding number of loonies and/or quarters in the other until you think they feel the same. Now you may think this a little primitive but I have had many people be extremely accurate using this method.

3. You can also put your items in a plain 4 x 10 envelope, take it to the post office and ask them to weigh the envelope on their postal scale, this will give you an accurate weight, you should also know that most standard envelopes weigh 4.5 to 7 grams.

Now that you have an idea on how much your items weigh you can determine what you should receive for them using the formula above.

Interested In Selling Gold Jewelry?

Would you like a quote on your items? Great! Give us a call locally: 416 993 6470
or Toll Free: 1 877 446 7347 or use our confidential contact form for online quotes.

Areas Served:

If you’re thinking of selling your unwanted gold, platinum or silver remember we buy gold and precious metals Canada wide including:

Ontario On, British Columbia BC, Alberta AB, Saskatchewan SK, Manitoba MB, Quebec QC, Nova Scotia NS, New Brunswick NB, Newfoundland and Labrador NL, Prince Edward Island PEI, Yukon YT, Nunavut and the North West Territories NT

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