Many people are interested in selling their old gold coins these days, this is a rather unique inquiry from a client who happens to have some gold coins that they are interested in selling.  The happen to have old coin appraisals from 1970 no less.  Let’s have a look at what the coins were appraised for back in 1970 and what you might expect to get for them today.


Coin Number 1: 1849 One Dollar US Gold Coin

1849 US Dollar Gold CoinYour Current Price: As mentioned in the appraisal below this coin has a hole in it and was likely worn on a chain.  Considering this fact it is it value is based on it’s gold content.  An 1849 One Dollar US gold is made up of 90% actual gold content, it weighs 1.68 grams, with the current spot price of $1,643.00 USD we would pay $79.80 CAD for your coin.

Original Appraisal From 1970: U.S. Gold Dollar, 1849. Fineness 900/1000.? diameter. 25.8 grains. Reeded edge. Open wreath type — 688,567 minted. No mint mark. Designed by James B. Longacre who emplyeed the services of his daughter Sarah to model for the coin. Authorized by Act of March 3, 1849. Obverse female head wearing coronet the word ‘Liberty’ written above the forehead.

Thirteen six-pointed stars equally spaced around the head, no other design on the obverse field. Reverse 2, 1/2 wreaths of laurel crossed and bound by a single row of ribbon. Large numeral “1” between wreath ends. The date and the world ‘Dollar’ in two lines. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in area around wreath.

Trend values Coin World July 1.1970- Fine $35.00, Very Fine $40.00. Because the coin is holed and might be worth $5-$10 as a “filler” to a collector, while seeking an acceptable specimen. This is known as a Type 1 gold dollar.



Coin Number 2: 1856 US $1.00 Gold Coin

1856 US One Dollar CoinYour Current Price: This coin is also known as the Liberty One Dollar Gold coin, it is comprised of .900 or 90% gold content. It also weighs in at 1.68 grams.  Considering the condition of the coin we would pay $132.75 for your coin if indeed it proves to be in the condition stated in the old appraisal and comes with current appraisal papers.

Pricing Details From 1970: U.S. Gold Dollar, 1856. (Indian Head/Female) Fineness 900/1000. 9/16? diameter. Reeded edge. 25.8 grains. Reeded edge. 1,762,936 minted. No mint mark. Designed by James Longacre. Known as a Type 111 gold dollar, it has a redesigned headdress as compared with the Type 11 (1854–1856), the feathers are closer together but slightly extended with a single row of beads above the headband inscribed LIBERTY.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA encircles the device. The female head is on the Obverse. The Reverse shows a large numeral “1” and DOLLAR over the date enclosed in an agricultural wreath of corn, cotton, wheat, and tobacco, bound by a ribbon with two bows. Trend values Coin World July 1, 1970 — Very Fine $47.50, Extra Fine $52.50. I would grade the coin as Very Fine — plus or Almost Extra Fine and value at about $50.00.


Coin Number 3: 1908 US Quarter Eagle Also Known As The Indian Head Quarter Eagle

1908 Indian Head Quarter EagleYour Current Price: This coin also contains 90% or .900 gold content, it weighs 4.17 grams. We would pay $185.00 for this coin if it turns out to be the condition listed in your appraisal and comes with appraisal papers confirming the condition of the coin.

Pricing Details From 1970:  U.S. Quarter Eagle (42.50), 1908, gold. Fineness  900/1000. 11/16” diameter. 64.5 grains. Reeded edge. 565, 057 minted. No mint mark. Designed by Bela Lyons Pratt.  This was the first intaglio impression produced in the U.S.A for general circulation by the mint. The design is in relief but below the surface so that the highest point in the relief is level with the plane of the coin, there is no border pattern. Obverse the male Indian Head is wearing the most realistic of headdresses as compared to other Indian Head designs on U.S. coins.

The word LIBERTY appears above the head and the date below. There are six five-pointed stars in the field left of the head and seven in the right. The designer’s initials BLP appear over the date. Reverse a stately eagle, perched on a bundle of arrows over which appears a scrolled olive branch, on the left the words E / PLURIBUS / UNUM on the right IN / GOD / WE / TRUST. Over the Eagle are the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, below 2 DOLLARS. Trends values Coin World July 1, 1970 Very Fine $29.00, Extra Fine $32.00, Uncirculated $37.50. I would grade the coin as Extra Fine.

If you are interested in learning more about gold coins check out our post on some of the best gold coins to buy.  As you can see as time carries on and the price of gold continues to increase so do the value of gold coins in any condition.

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