Gold, Silver and precious metals in general are a hot topic these days, I get inquiries everyday from people who would like some advice when buying or selling their items.  It can be confusing when you’re researching what a fair market price should be, one dealer says one thing another dealer says something else.  You can come across conflicting information on different websites.


I’d Like To Help

I would be happy to offer your some clarity if you have questions.  I have over 10 years experience buying and selling all kinds of precious metals  from bullion, coins, coinage, gold silver and platinum jewelry, sterling silverware, dental gold to platinum labware, wire and more.

Ask me your questions about buying or selling gold, silver, platinum or any precious metal, I will reply promptly (usually within 24hrs) with my input, opinion or quote and give you the best advice I can.

Just shoot off an email to me (John) using the contact form below, I look forward to hearing from you:

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