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Precious Metal Information. We get many inquiries on a variety of different subjects within the Precious Metal Industry so we decided to assemble an article archive for our visitors interest.

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Selling Your Precious Metals:

Selling Gold Jewelry: Tips On Choosing The Best Gold Buyer When Selling Your Gold Jewelry

Refining Precious Metals:

Precious Metal Precipitants : Turning ore into gold

Precious Metal Refineries : Learn How Precious Metals Are Refined

Melting Precious Metals : Melting points, techniques and safety procedures

Buying Precious Metals: Things You May Want To Know About Buying Precious Metals

Precious Metal Quote

Testing Precious Metals : Learn Some Quick And Easy Tips For Testing Your Precious Metals

Buying Gold

Using An Xrf Analyzer : Using Xray Fluorescence Spectrometer Technology to Test Gold, Silver and Platinum Samples


The Element Gold: Get The Skinny On This Precious Metal

Gold Bullion : Standards And Investments Explained

Today’s Gold Quote : See What We’re Currently Paying For Your Used, Unwanted Or Broken Gold, Platinum And Silver

Gold Hallmarks : Gold Hallmarks 101

Where is Gold found? : Read Here To Find Out

Who discovered Gold? Ancient Discoveries Revealed.

Gold Etf

Gold Findings : Learn About Gold Jewelry Findings.


Platinum Facts : Discover The Properties And Uses Of Platinum

Who Discovered Platinum: The Valuable White Metal

History Of Platinum: From ancient times to modern day platinum jewelry.

How Is Platinum Mined?: Read about Platinum mining techniques, Platinum producing countries and photos fo Platinum Mines

Platinum Labware : Discover The Many Uses And Importance Of Platinum In Science

Platinum Coins

Where Is Platinum Found : The Varied Locations Of Platinum Discovery

Uses Of Platinum : The Many Uses Of One Of The World’s Most Valuble Precious Metals


Silver Metal Prices

Sterling Silver Hallmarks : How To Identify Sterling Silver

Where Is Silver Found : Learn About The Top Silver Producing Countries

The Silver Etf : Using The Silver ETF As An Investment Vechicle

Who Discovered Silver : Explore The Possibilities

Gold Jewelry:

10k Gold Jewelry : Tips, Facts And Information

14k Gold Jewelry : The Low Down On 14 Karat Gold Jewelry

18k Gold Jewelry : Understanding 18k Gold Jewelry

22k Gold Jewelry: Learn About 22k Gold Jewelry

24k Gold Jewelry

Buy Gold Jewelry Online

Gold Jewelry For Men

Cleaning Gold Jewelry: Learn How To Keep Your Gold Jewelry Looking Brand New

How To Buy Gold Jewelry

Antique Gold Jewelry

Italian Gold Jewelry

Platinum Jewelry:

Cleaning Platinum Jewelry: Tips On Cleaning And Caring For Your Platinum Jewelry

Diamond Platinum Jewelry

Men’s Platinum Jewelry

Antique Platinum Jewelry

Platinum Jewelry Solutions

Silver Jewelry:

Silver Jewelry Online

Cleaning Silver Jewelry: The Complete List Of Techniques To Keep Your Silver Looking New

How To Make Silver Jewelry: The art of Silver Smithing, techniques, materials and tools.

Silver Jewelry is a free tool on the web to help you buy and sell silver jewelry. Free resources, tips, and articles for sellers and buyers of silver jewelry.

Silver Jewelry Marks

Etania Gems & Jewelry : Designer Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry from the Southwest. Handmade designer necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings using only the finest natural stones.

Silver Jewelry Supplies

Mexican Silver Jewelry: Learn about the design, regions and history of silver jewelry in Mexico

Areas Served:

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