Peter Hug from Kitco recently held a webinar which was quite astonishing and is directed at anyone who is following the metals market today and is interested in storing precious metals in a safe and secure manner no matter where you are located in the world. Many people have voiced their concerns and may be interested in storing metals in Canada, which appears to be a major political issue which affects people worldwide today. Mr. Hug is the Director of Kitco’s Precious Metals Division and shared some great options available. He went on the explain the ease of use of storing physical precious metals in Canada with Kitco.

Peter Hug is not only a well known economic speaker whom has gained worldwide recognition with his expertise in the physical precious metals industry, but has also been actively involved in the precious metals industries since 1974. Mr. Hug started working in the first-hand investment industry and has extensive expertise and experience which he gained while working at Deak-Perera. He not only has such great insight in the precious metals industry but he has also adds to his portfolio his word experience as a SVP at Guardian Trust Company, which as many of us already know, became one of the biggest international trading houses for physical precious metals as well as other precious metals vehicles. Mr. Hug has bee given credit as being the very first contributors to the precious metals certificate program of which is designed as the first margin trading account for these precious metals on the cash market today.


Peter Hug – Head Of Kitco’s Precious Metal Division

Storing Gold BarsIn addition Mr. Hug then went on to acquiring extensive experience in wholesale markets and also in the international asset diversification programs. A well respected frequent guest speaker at various well known precious metals conferences throughout the world and in the financial media. Mr. Hug brings his own brilliant uniqueness to the few experts who collaborate and have succeeded through various impacting multiple bull and bear cycles. The strengths and skills which have occurred during these dramatic fluctuations of the 1980’s were at the very least extremely challenging. Today, he is honored to hold the title as Director of Kitco’s Precious Metals Division and continues to develop the latest dynamics in the investment options for any holder of physical precious metals that may be concerned about the safety of these metal sin their country.


Storing Precious Metals With Kitco’s Allocated Programs

Hug recommends that if you are the holder of precious metals and are concerned about privacy or concerned about the prospects of government involvement that you look into the option of storing these commodities at Kitco’s Canadian Allocated storage facilities, which offer boxes and a secure location at Kitco in Canada.

Some American clients fear a possibility of government confiscation, liquidity and have brought to the table questions as to whether to store physical metal in your country which may be subjected to geographical diversification and perhaps may even be sought after because of domestic economic security concerns.


Canada – A Safe Haven For Storing Your Precious Metals

Geographical diversification may be the direction for many owners of precious metals and may question a 3rd party or even “WHY CANADA?

Canada has no general subpoena right in place. Canada’s economy is strong and they have banned the ownership if precious metals. Kitco has under their belt one hundred and fifty (150) years of experience and offer competitive pricing, as well name recognition in the market place for being the largest metals suppliers, who have the ability to ship anywhere in the world. Kitco has been in business since 1977 and they are 100% Canadian owned.

The United States now has a trillion dollar deficit and some speculators also say have a hidden fifteen (15%) un-employment rate and as we know the US is in a state of turmoil.

With that being said, Kitco’s geographical diversification makes Canada a very positive option who’s country has “No” General subpoena rights in place.

Kitco will allow many fabulous options for their storage customers like the ability to log into their account on a daily basis while offering geographical diversification.  They now offer secure storage ability and in many cases there is a no shipping charge as with Kitco’s Canadian Allocated storage program.

If you are nervous about the prospect of storing precious metals in your domestic jurisdiction, keep in mind that Kitco’s storage facility has no requirements to report to United States under general subpoena. You may want to look into this program as it may be the perfect fit for you.

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