Thinking about buying silver? Between the years of 2008 and 2011, large financial institutions have allegedly ranked in billions of dollars in profits, all because of an alleged scheme to keep silver’s price too “LOW”.

You may be asking yourself “is buying silver a good investment?”  Silver is on the verge of soaring to where it belongs and up to double its current value or perhaps more. There is so much talk everyday regarding our volatile market, which encompasses the discussions whether silver is still a good investment regarding precious metals, a falling stock market and a poor economy. We constantly question ourselves “Is silver a good investment?” And yes it is!

Silver is in the media daily and all indications predict that silver is a very solid investment.  You can ask yourself as to the benefits and upsides of investing in silver. Yes, silver’s cost is most certainly moving and swiftly progressing and performing quite nicely during the last few months. There is evidence of a big drop in silver’s purchase price in past days regarding the performance of silver and its fluctuation. Looking at August 2011 sterling prices went up approximately 125%, yes, that’s “One Hundred and Twenty Five Percent” during the last three to four months. Silver is a fabulous opportunity to invest in, but make sure your purchase bullion or coin, not leverage. Leverage has a lot of risk to it.


Silver Continues To Be A Good Investment

Are you still asking, “Is silver still a good investment?” Absolutely it is! Metals perform extremely well in tumultuous times during economic upsets. Look around the world at all of the turmoil, particularly in Iran and Iraq and the rest of the Middle East and its surrounding areas. There are no clear facts set in stone which may indicate that inflation will soar in the immediate future . However, the US Government needs to take control of federal spending and the national budget. Budget deficits are certainly not good. The demand that is placed on all investors for hedges for inflation like silver is even more burdensome when the government is so out of control regarding expenditures.

Silver gains today are merely the results of the feedback loop. The price of silver continues to climb and the rise receives recognition, which certainly attracts commodity investors and in turn rises the price and thus the process starts again.


Is Silver Bullion a Good Investment?

Yes, the best way to buy silver, is by owning the physical silver or silver coins. There is no way leverage can offer the same opportunity. Buying and owning Silver Bullion or Silver Coins is the best option. You can liquefy at any time, almost anywhere. Everyone is seeing the “We Buy Silver” signs all over the road as we are driving. These businesses seem to be appearing more and more frequently and almost on a daily basis. Whether it is in the form of newspaper, radio, television or on the internet, if the Coins or Bullion are in your possession, you are in control of the sale at any time

Determining the value of any commodity is a difficult process and for some of the master professionals in the field, this is a problem when trying to understand where the prices of all precious metals will go.  Most indications which are researched speak highly on owning and having possession of silver bullion. You certainly do not have to worry about making margin calls.

Silver Bullion is considered to be an excellent investment which is based on how much any buyer is offering to pay. However, buyers who paid $9.00 an ounce in 2008 are offered the 24 Hour Spot Silver Price of the day, which on April 17, 2012 is $31.70.

Silver Trend Chart

As with silver trends which go up and down, the same holds true for any stock. You can analyze the performance of any stock or commodity. All stock prices you would be paying base themselves on the predicted potential cash flows that have been shared to us by experts.

It is very possible that silver will continue in this direction because of the fact that investors remain baffled regarding the future of the American currency’s value and what its value will be with regards to inflation and the constant political instability we see.


A great example of this was with the news and the media’s release of information regarding Osama bin Laden’s death. It certainly created a gigantic uproar. When people globally feel unrest, the market becomes extremely volatile. We also see that it did not alleviate the geopolitical risk or the demand of silver.

No person really knows for sure whether silver will continue to go up today or tomorrow and no one really knows when the climb will peak. However, most of the best analysts are confident that silver will certainly reach $50.00 in a relatively short period of time. Consensus is that the ideal situation would be to start buying silver in the form of bullion or coins, as a means of diversifying your investments and preparing for inflation.

The last thing that you should understand is that stocks, referred to commonly as equities and commodities, referred to most commonly as gold, copper, oil, and silver are known for going up and down.  In 1980 commodities began to rise steadily. Commodities gained while equities spiraled down. So, perhaps during the years of 2016 to 2020, you might like to think about diversifying your portfolio and purchase some good stocks and balance your commodities portfolio. In other words, do not put all your eggs in one basket!  Determining the best way to invest in silver is a matter of personal preference.

Experts still continually reinforce that silver bullion and silver coin, especially the rare ones are and will continue to be solid investments. So, whether it is a silver coin or silver bullion that you have decided to invest in, know that there will always be a demand as the supply dwindles.

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