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We have one 2″ platium screw and one 4″ platium pin that was used to rebuild my wife’s ankle year’s ago and we just found them and no need to hang on to them so we were thinking about selling them. Is Platinum used in medical procedures worth selling?

Yes we purchase any type of platinum including surgical screws, plates, pins and other medical materials used in surgery and joint reconstruction.  Are you certain they are platinum? The only reason I ask is that the majority of the time stainless steel screws and pins are used.

The price your screw and pin would fetch would greatly depend on their weight and if they do indeed contain Platinum, if you have any idea how much they weigh in grams I could provide you with an estimate. Also, if you are able to send me a picture I may be able to give you a better idea.

For a rough guide and from my experience most medical grade platinum contains 90% actual Platinum and we are currently paying $35.10 per gram.  I would need to see them in person to test them for their actual Platinum content to give you an exact price.

Uses Of Platinum In The Medical Field

Most medical grade surgical implants that use platinum include pacemaker wires, sometimes surgical screws and plates.  The majority of platinum wire used in surgical procedures and products are a 90% platinum 10% Iridium make up.  These wires are used in pacemakers that are used to rectify heart problems such as irregular heartbeats.  In the use of these wires a flow of pulsed electricity is sent to the heart to regulate the heartbeat.

Platinum of course has many other uses in a variety of fields including jewelry, platinum labware, dentistry, catalytic converters and many more, for more information on the uses of platinum click here.

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