We receive many inquiries from people who would like to know the value of their coins, this particular client has a 1973 Canadian Silver Dollar coin and would like to know it’s value.

Question / Inquiry:

Hi my name is Chantel and I have come across a 1973 Canadian Silver Dollar coin and i wanted to know
its worth.

Description: The Silver Dollar has what appears to be a Mountie riding an horse and is dated on the front 1873 – 1973. I was told that it may be a Collectors Item. It would be greatly appreciated if you can get back to me.

Answer / Reply:
Thank you for your inquiry Chantel, the Canadian Mint has been producing dollar coins since 1935 and up until June of 1968 circulation dollar coins all contained silver hence the name ‘Silver Dollars’. From mid 1968 right up until today circulation dollar coins do not contain and silver and are currently comprised of 91.5% nickel and 8.5% bronze. 1966 and earlier dollar coins actually contained 80% silver and the remaining 20% was made up of copper.

1973 Canadian Silver Dollar CoinThere are exceptions to this and luckily enough the coin you are referring to does contain silver. There have been a number of Canadian commemorative dollar coins after 1968 that have been produced and in 1973 the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Mounties was featured on the dollar coin.

I am not a numismatic expert (collectable coin expert) but I can tell you what we would pay for your coin. The Commemorative 1973 dollar coin contain 50% silver and we would pay $6.40 CAD for your coin. There were quite a number of these coins minted (see more information below) and I suspect the coin would not fetch a whole lot as far as it’s intrinsic value goes. Have a look at the information below if you would like to know more about this particular coin.

Specifications Of The 1973 Mountie Canadian Silver Dollar Coin

Weight Of Coin: 23.32 grams
Silver Content: 50% or .500 silver
Front Of Coin: Queen Elizabeth 11 facing right
Reverse Of Coin: Mountie facing left, dates below Mountie, Denomination to the right.
Number Minted: 1,031,271
Designer: Paul Cedarburg
Size/Width: 36mm

As I mentioned there are a number of Commemorative Canadian silver dollar coins that actually contain the same 50% silver content from 1970 all the way through 1991. There were also a number of Canadian dollar coins that contained .925 or sterling silver from 1992 through 1999. If you are interested in learning more about circulated Canadian silver dollar values click here. Thank you for you inquiry, I hope you found this post helpful.

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