Are you trying to determine how much your 9k gold jewelry is worth? The best way to illustrate this to you is for you to see some examples of jewelry that we have purchased recently.

Below you will see some examples of 9k gold prices that we have paid.  The price of 9 karat gold rises and falls with gold’s spot price. At the time of this writing the spot price of gold was $1,608.00 US and our 9k gold price per gram was $14.50 per gram.


9k Gold Price Examples:


9k Gold BandThis 9k men’s  gold wedding  band (pictured above)  weighed in at 2.4 grams.  The client was paid $34.80 for the band. It is hallmarked 375 with is the equivalent of 9 karat here in North America.There is also the letters ‘SL’ which would be the manufacturers or makers mark, a Crown symbol, an Anchor symbol and the capital letter ‘N’.


9k Gold Ring 1Here is another men’s ring (above). The marking inside the ring are Maker’s mark: ‘BS’, then the number ‘9’, then 375, the Anchor symbol then the letter ‘Z’.  This ring weighed 5.6 grams and the client received $81.20 for his ring.

 9k Gold Ring 2

Here is another men’s 9k gold ring, the hallmarks inside read from left to right:  ‘SGW’, a Ship’s Wheel symbol, a Crown symbol, 375 and the letter F in italics.  This ring weighs 3.2 grams and fetched $46.40 for our client.

9k Gold Ring 3The hallmarks inside this ring pictured above read from left to right:  ‘BS’, the Crown symbol, 375 and finally the italicized letter E.  This rings weighed 5.3 grams and our client was paid $76.85 for the ring.


Thin 9k ChainThe broken thin chain pictured above has the Crown symbol, 375 and the italicized letter E.  Quite a light chain it weighed just 3.2 grams and brought in $46.40.  For your reference the chain is 16 inches in length.


9k Rope Style ChainThe 9k rope style chain pictured above is a typical thin men’s chain from the UK.  It measure 21 inches long and weighed 7.8 grams, the owner was paid $113.10 for the item. It’s hallmarks include the letters ‘ALb’,  375, the Ships Wheel symbol and the letter ‘B’.


As I mentioned earlier the majority of 9 karat gold jewelry we see here in Canada is brought over from the UK.  Hopefully you can see from the pictures above that 9k gold tends to have more of a pale yellow color, it’s may alloy that is mixed with gold is copper.

We use different karat terminology here in North America, for example we use terms like; 9k, 9kt and 9 karat.  In the Uk they use the proper terminology which is 9c, 9ct and 9 carat.  The one thing that is universal with regards to clear meaning are the number hallmarks, for 9 karat or 9 carat that is the universal number ‘375’.

For more information on gold markings check out our gold hallmarks post, you may also be interested in learning what other types of gold are worth.



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