So how much is my gold bracelet worth? We get many inquiries from people who would like a quote on their items ahead of time and we are always happy to oblige.

This particular client wanted to know if she was getting a good price for her 18k gold bracelet. If you know the karat of your item and how much it weighs there is no reason a company can not give you a price ahead of time, if they refuse to do so then you are likely not going to receive a fair price for your item. Let’s have a look a just that type of scenario here:

Inquiry / Question:

Today I was offered 275 $ CDN for a 20gram/750K Gold bracelet, is this a good price for my gold bracelet? This differs from what you offer (~ 524 $ CDN, if I calculated correct). I was also told that sending the gold in to the actual gold buyer would cost 100$ and they had to charge insurance for shipping also.

This was at a local “We buy gold for cash” jewelery store. How come that I would get almost double the money when I would sell to you? Do you charge any “handling” fees?

Thank you for your answer.

Reply / Answer:

Hello C,

Thank you for your inquiry, I really do not know why the store you went to would offer you so little for your bracelet, from what you have described it seems like an odd way to do business. If the store owner is buying the item from you I don’t know why you would be expected to incur a $100 charge for them to ship the item to their ‘gold buyer’.

I would assume if he is buying scrap gold he would have other items he would be shipping along with yours so it seems to be a bit of a ridiculous charge in my opinion.

With regards to his payment amount to you, I suppose the only thing I can say is there are good companies and not so good companies to deal with, he is paying very little and trying to make a great deal off of every item. In this case it pays to shop around for prices.

Our service is pretty straight forward, yes, from the information you have provided we would pay $524.00 for a 20 gram 18k gold bracelet. We do not charge any ‘handling fees’ and we do not send out envelopes as other companies do.

We believe it is in our clients best interest to send us the items with signature required on our end, when you do this you will be provided with a tracking number and you will be able to monitor your packages progress and see online at when we have received it and who has signed for it.

You can purchase insurance on your package when you send it, I believe it is around $1.50 per $100.00 of insurance. You can find our shipping/payment instructions here.

You can download and print a copy of the instructions and the forms required to send your items.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best Regards,

Clients Follow Up:
Thank you so much for your response. This is what I thought – this store wants to “take you to the cleaners”. Anyway I had told her that I know what 1oz gold costs and that I had weighed my bracelet and then I walked out.

I will go through my “jewelery box” and see if I can find other items I want to sell and will go from there.

Thank you and have a good day

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