So how much is a 14k gold ring worth? This is a question we get quite frequently and the best way to provide and answer is to give you some examples of 14k rings we have purchased recently.  There are a few factors that will determine how much you will get when you are selling your 14k gold ring. (See examples below)

First, is it a woman’s ring or a man’s? Typically men’s rings are larger and chunkier and therefore they contain more gold and will weigh more.  The more your ring weighs the more it will fetch when you are selling it.  Secondly, what is the price of gold today? The higher the spot price of gold the more you will get for your ring.  Thirdly, who are you dealing with?  There are many companies offering to purchase your unwanted gold jewelry, it pays to shop around.

Lastly, when you’re ready to sell your ring you want to deal with someone who has a good reputation, will answer any questions you have quickly and honestly and a company that lists their current payment prices in plain view for you to see beforehand.  If a company does not list their current payment prices and avoids telling you their prices per gram they are likely not paying you a fair price and I would look elsewhere.

Okay, let’s have a look at some examples of recent 14k gold rings that we have purchased, below you will see a picture of each ring, it’s weight, what we paid our client per gram and the total amount our client was paid.  I think with you seeing actual purchases you can get a good idea on what your rings would be worth.

What Is A 14k Gold Ring Worth / Recent Purchases:


Men’s 14k Gold Rings:


14k Mens White Gold Ring 8.4 gramsHow much is a 14k white gold ring worth?  Some people wonder if there are different prices paid for white or yellow gold.  The answer is no, 14k white gold and 14k yellow gold contain the same actual gold content (58.5%).  The only difference is the alloys used to achieve the white and yellow colors.

The ring picture above weighs 8.4 grams and we are currently paying $23.15 per gram for 14k so this particular ring brought in $194.46 for it’s client.


14k Mens Gold Ring 4.8 Grams

This ring is a men’s 14k yellow gold ring with very small diamond chips in it.  It weighed in at 4.8 grams and we are currently paying $23.15 per gram so our client received $111.12 for his ring.  This is a typical men’s ring and is somewhat on the light side weight wise.  As you will see in the examples below, men’s rings can weigh quite a bit more.


14k Mens Gold Ring 32 grams


This particular ring is something we don’t see everyday, it is actually a profession championship ring.  It is constructed of solid 14k yellow gold and is quite heavy.

It weighs in at 32.2 grams and at $23.15 per gram the ring fetched $745.43 for it’s owner.

Sports Championship rings are often quite heavy so they bring in a good dollar for their owners, I suppose some of the owners would either prefer the money for their ring and hold no sentimental feelings for them or perhaps they are in need of the money more than the ring.



Women’s 14k Gold Rings

As mentioned previously women’s rings typically weigh less than men’s rings, because they are lighter in weight then generally fetch less money.  Although they fetch less money women tend to have more jewelry and therefore more rings to sell.

14k Womans Gold Ring 4.4 gramsThe ring pictured above is actually quite thick for a woman’s ring and weighs in at 4.4 grams, the owner was paid $101.86 for her ring.


14k Womans Gold Ring 2.1 gramsThis ring is typical of a cheap and cheerful woman’s 14k gold ring, it is quite thin in nature and weighs 2.1 grams, our client was paid $48.61 for her ring.


14k Women's Gold Rings 22 grams

Finally the picture above shows a typical lot of 5 women’s 14k gold rings, the 5 rings together total a weight of 22 grams and our client was paid $509.30 for her rings.  As I mentioned earlier, most women have multiple pieces of jewelry they’re interested in selling as they tend to accumulate more gold jewelry than men over the course of time.

I hope these examples give you a better idea on how much you can expect to get when selling your 14k gold rings, if you have any questions or would like a quote or your items please use our contact form and I will be happy to help if I can.

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