Knowing how much your 10k gold is worth depends on a couple of things, first the current price of gold and secondly the weight in grams of the items you want to sell.  We receive many inquiries daily from people that would like quotes either over the phone or by email. Many times I am able to provide an estimate but having real world examples that you can look at may prove most beneficial

Below you will find pictures and prices we have recently paid for different types of 10k gold, so if you how much is 10k gold worth I am sure you will these examples helpful. (Note, all the pricing examples on this page are based on 10 karat gold, at the time this post was written the spot price of gold was $1,684.00 U.S.)


How Much Is A 10k Gold Ring Worth

10k gold rings are one of the most common things we purchase, one of the most common rings we purchase are old class rings, most of which tend to be 10k,  the price they fetch depends on their weight in grams, have a look at the rings below to get an idea on what you can expect to get for your rings if you are interested in selling them:

10k Old Class Rings:

10k Class RingsSo how much is a 10k gold class ring worth? Old Class Rings tend to have some pretty good weight to them and can fetch a good dollar, in the picture above both of the class rings are 10k, the ring on the left weighs 18.2 grams and we paid $292.11 for it.  The ring on the right weighs 15.1 grams and the client received $242.35.


10k Ladies Rings:

10k Gold RingsMost ladies rings tend to be fairly light in weight due to their design, in the picture above the ring on the left weighs 2.9 grams and the client was paid $46.54, the ring on the right weighs 3.5 grams and the client received $56.17 for the gold.

10k White Gold RingHow much is a 10k white gold ring worth? White and yellow gold fetch exactly the same amounts, the only difference between white and yellow gold is the alloys used to achieve their colors, if they are the same karat white and yellow gold contain the exact same gold content.  In the picture above you see a 10k white gold ring, it weighs 8.2 grams and our client received $131.61 for their ring.


10k Gold Earrings:


10k Gold EarringsEarrings are other items that tend to be fairly light in weight, in the picture above you will see a pair of 10k white gold earrings, they weigh 2.5 grams and the client was paid $40.12, the pair on the right are yellow gold earrings with a weight of 2.1 grams and fetched $33.70.


10k Gold Bangles:

10k Gold Bangle

Gold bangles were quite popular at one time but it seems more and more women are opting for different jewelry choices so we have been buying quite a few gold bangles recently, in the picture above is a 10k gold bangle that is just over 1/4′ wide and  weighs in at  8.2 grams, it brought in $131.61 for our client.

Thin 10k Gold BangleAnother bangle pictured above is considerably thinner and lighter than our other example, this thin diamond cut bangle is approximately 1/8′ wide and weighs 3.7 grams, it fetched $59.38.


 10k Gold Bracelet:

10k Gold BraceletHow much is a 10k gold bracelet worth? In the picture above you will see a 10k gold bracelet that is 7.5 inches long and weighed in at 6.1 grams, we paid $97.90 for this bracelet.


10k Gold Pendants:

10k Gold PendantsWe buy a lot of pendants, most of the smaller ones as pictured above tend to be 10k and are usually items that people have been given in their younger days, as we all get older we tend not to wear them much any more.  The gold pendants in the picture above are typical of what we see on a regular basis, none of them are particularily heavy in weight, from left to right here are the prices they fetched:
Live Love Laugh: 1.1 grams $17.70  | Unicorn: 1.5 grams $24.07  | Unicorn: 1.6 grams $25.68  | Cross: 1.4 grams $22.50  |


So how much is 10k gold worth per gram, in the end the price 10k gold will fetch per gram is dependent on the current price of gold, as the price of gold increases so does the amount you can expect to get for your 10k gold, at the time the prices above were given the price of gold was $1684.00 per ounce U.S. and we were paying $16.05 per gram.   Before you sell your items you be wise to know how much they weigh and what karat your items are, if you are armed with these 2 pieces of information you will be able to make a wise decision on who is giving you a fair price.


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