Gold jewelry findings are what helps the goldsmith create their jewelry … they make the connections, add drama and flair, and often simplicity, to the final product.

Jewelry designs are based on an overall concept, but put together with an assortment of attachments, such as jump rings and toggles. While some handcrafted jewelry artisans make their own connections and embellishments, others find the consistency and accuracy of machine made findings enhance their creative designs in ways that hand-made findings do not.

The industrial revolution marked the beginning of gold jewelry made for the mass market, and created the need for faster-made, more consistently uniform findings in the creation of gold jewelry for the commercial market.

Findings Today

Today, gold jewelry findings available in the jewelry market are either machine struck or cast. There are commercial firms that specialize in creating gold jewelry findings for the jewelry art market. These findings are available in bulk from a wide variety of on-line, local and catalog companies.

Most findings typically are made in 14k yellow or white gold, gold filled or gold vermeil. They include rings and various clasps and hooks are used to connect precious gems or cast or crafted ornaments in a pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet.

Hundreds of gold ear wires are used every day in the making of gold earrings. Mountings are used to hold cabochon or faceted gem stones. Larger clasps connect the two ends of an entire necklace or bracelet. Drops and other components add flair to a design and are a practical way to create connections between sections of a larger piece of jewelry.

Shapes And Sizes

Artisans rely on the accuracy and uniformity of commercially made mountings, ring shanks and bezel cups to keep their gold jewelry consistent in size and to ensure that pairs and multiples are perfectly matched.

The goldsmith will also frequently include gold balls, that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, to add interest to their pieces. Using gold balls also allows the jewelry designer to space out the more significant focal gold shapes or gems within the piece.

Gold tubes can be strung to create shimmering liquid gold necklaces, or used in combination with gold balls or gemstones. Gold wire is frequently the key ingredient to complex gold necklaces and bracelets, forming the connections between gold pieces or becoming part of an intricate pattern within the jewelry design.


Most jewelry designers consider how they will use findings as they are conceptualizing the design of their jewelry. The cost of gold jewelry findings fluctuates with the cost of raw gold, so it makes sense to keep a stock when the price per troy ounce of gold bullion is lower.

Professional, independent jewelry makers keep a large supply and a wide variety on hand. This enables them to plan their jewelry conceptions, have the right findings when they are needed, and quickly execute their designs.

Beautiful gold jewelry findings are part of every jewelry artist’s beautiful gold jewelry creations, from the simplest to the most complex.



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