We receive all types of items and many are collectors sets such as these Franklin Mint sterling silver mini plates.  These miniature alphabet plates are made of sterling silver and weigh approximately 10.53 grams each.

Originally produced in 1979 the mini plates are named the Floral Alphabet Miniature Plate Collection.  There are 26 mini plates in total from A to Z, each plate has it’s own flow that begins with it’s corresponding letter i.e. A for Azalea.

Franklin Mint Silver Mini Plates

All the Floral Alphabet Mini Plates of sterling silver and the total of all 26 plates equals 274 grams. Each mini plate has this stamped on the back, Copyright F 79.  This stands for Copyright Franklin Mint 1979.  The engraved flowers and leave patterns are very detailed  and well done. Each plate is approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter or just shy of 4 centimeters.

When sold originally the set came in it’s own wooden display case so you can feature all 26 plates prominently in your home.

Floral Alphabet Mini Plates In Case

How Much Are Franklin Mint Sterling Mini Plates Are Worth?

As previously mentioned all 26 plates weigh a total of 274 grams and are for the sake of argument sterling silver (see xrf result below), at the time of this post we were pay 62 cents per gram for sterling silver and paid a total of $169.88 for the set.

As a side note, if you look at the xrf result below you will notice that the actual silver content is 92.15%, sterling silver is actually 92.5% so it is off a little, this is not uncommon in the manufacturing of sterling silver items and as a matter of fact it is closer than most items we receive particularly sterling silverware.

Because the Floral Alphabet plates were made of sterling silver they continue to hold value and will increase in value as the price of silver rises.

Franklin Mint Alphbet Mini Plate Xrf Result


History Of The Franklin Mint

The Franklin Mint, known throughout the world,  and is renown for  creating magnificent fine art and striking collectables. These treasured collectables produce joy to the lives of the art lover who enjoys sharing these objects d’art with colleagues, relatives and friends.

Established in 1964, The Franklin Mint’s initial product line consisted of medallions, foreign coins, casino tokens and precious metal casts. New product lines that were added in later years consisted of sculptures, deluxe games, cast models, fanciful dolls and many others.

Throughout the Mint’s history, gifted artists and artisans built reputations on commitments to excellence. Their high industry standards are continually set by the artists’ attention to detail and stirring spirits of creativity. The artistic quality is evident in each object, which has the company’s stamp.

The Franklin Mint’s introduction of collectibles and subsequent sales throughout the years, achieved unprecedented success. Collectibles included Monopoly® and a Civil War Chess set. The Mint’s successes included a number of products authorized by major companies such as Ford and the Smithsonian.  It is no wonder the Franklin Mint continues to be a recognizable name throughout the world.

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