The gold rate in the USA derives it’s price from futures contracts which are traded on what is referred to as the futures exchanges. These futures trade prices are operated in an array of different countries throughout the world

The procedure in place includes a standardized contract for delivery, which the seller provides in writing and also provides a receipt and in most cases a packing slip, which the purchaser gets, that specifically indicates the quantity as well as the quality of any commodity. Futures Exchanges facilitate the commercial trade of all major commodities. Commodities refer to lots of vast areas such as energy products, crude oil or even natural gas.

The terminology of the word “Softs” refer to the industry which includes a vast variety of many different food sources such as wheat, corn, cattle, pigs, eggs, coffee, orange juice and soy bean products. Also traded are alloys such as copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, platinum and palladium.


How Gold Futures Contracts Work

Gold FuturesNormally you can obtain a futures contract for any given month. Futures contracts are provided to buyers and provide an opportunity for commercial producers as well as consumers to establish fixed prices and a guarantee of a specific supply of the commodity.

One very popular investment technique is referred to as hedging and its utilization is created to offset any potential loss on any particular investment by buying a second investment that you might think would perform in the opposite way.

Investors have great knowledge on how to sell a stock short while they perceive the stock will decrease in value. There are also ways to call options on any given stock as a hedge to ensure a great increase in value.  Speculators can participate in the buying and selling of any futures to try and realize financial gains on any given price rise or fall.

On the floor of the exchange many future contracts are traded daily. For example, on the New York Stock Exchange there are people dressed in colored vests (in order to stand out), who rant and motion their hands in such a way to create a signal. Visitors tour the stock exchange daily to visit this extremely chaotic atmosphere. Most exchanges are available live on the internet, as well through special television networks.

Traders dressed in their unmistakeable colored vests are employed by brokers who in turn have a seat on the exchange. Their job is to buy and sell futures contracts for their clients. All data is entered into a computer system and then each exchange issues the prices and information for public distribution. The exchange sells the information to companies who make them available to traders. Brokerage houses normally watch this information on a ticker tape or through websites.


How The Comex Determines Todays Gold Rate In The USA

Comex TradersThe COMEX is situated in New York and this most recognized leader for providing commodity exchange information in the USA for alloys and metals, CODEX is a division of the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange). The MYMEX “Rule Book” regulates the process of the determination for the rate of gold in the USA on the COMEX.

The last two minutes of trading compose the “closing period” for gold and is derived by a formula which is composed of the average of the highest and lowest price of these trades throughout the duration of the last two minutes of that particular days closing period which is 1:28-1:30 PM in New York.

US Dollars are the currency in which the spot gold chart and price are provided, this is how you would establish the gold biscuit rate in the USA.  It is then converted from the US Dollars to twenty nine national currencies. Conversions are also available in grams and kilos.

Gold contracts on COMEX are created based on 100 troy ounce bars and COMEX has multiple storage locations for gold throughout the country.


Price Of Gold Bars

It is easier to buy physical gold bars in small amounts from dealers. There is always a difference in the spot gold price provided on COMEX versus the actual gold prices for smaller amounts of coins made of gold.

As with any purchase, the more you purchase, the less the price becomes, click here to learn more about gold bar prices. It stands to reason that there are costs incurred to stamp and make gold into various size bars or biscuits and it stands to reason that these costs are passed down to the purchaser.

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