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Dental Gold Buyers. Dental gold has been used for centuries in dental restoration. Many people save gold teeth, fillings, crowns and bridges from their dental work or their families dental work because they know it has some value.

Many Dentists, Denturists and other Dental professionals accumulate dental gold throughout their careers..

Dental Gold BuyerDetermining The Value Of Your Dental Gold

Determining the gold content and value of dental gold is a touch more involved than that of gold jewelry, coins or bullion.

Dental gold can be comprised of complex alloys which can render electronic and acid testing void. So it is necessary to melt and assay each batch of dental gold separately.

Dental gold can range from 7k to 24k, although most dental gold is 14k to 16k range.

What Kind Of Dental Gold Do You Buy?

Quality scrap dental gold will retain it’s yellow gold color, be for the most part untarnished and will ‘feel heavy and solid when you pick it up’.

It’s best if it is free of unneeded, enamel, cement, root and tooth material.

We purchase the following kinds of gold dental scrap:

  • Gold Filling
  • Gold Crowns
  • Gold Teeth
  • Gold Bridges and Bridgework
  • Gold Inlays

Do You Have Questions About Your Dental Gold?

Great! We’re here to help, use our Dental Gold Buyers inquiry form and we’ll answer your questions as quick as we can.

Areas Served:

If you’re thinking of selling your unwanted gold, platinum or silver remember we buy gold and precious metals Canada wide including:

Ontario On, British Columbia BC, Alberta AB, Saskatchewan SK, Manitoba MB, Quebec QC, Nova Scotia NS, New Brunswick NB, Newfoundland and Labrador NL, Prince Edward Island PEI, Yukon YT, Nunavut and the North West Territories NT


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