Cleaning Platinum Jewelry : There are many reasons why people choose platinum jewelry when so many other metals are out there at much less cost. The rarest of all jewelry precious metals, it is non-allergenic and compatible with all skin types.

In jewelry, platinum is an ideal selection that will last a lifetime even if wore daily. It’s high density make it more durable than any other jewelry precious metals.

Platinum’s high density it’s coupled by it’s strength and more importantly it’s malleability. This malleability gives jewelers the ability to create extremely intricate designs not possible with other jewelry precious metals.

Tips On Caring For And Cleaning Platinum Jewelry

Platinum jewelry is expensive so want to keep it looking it’s best so it is important to know how to care for and clean platinum jewelry properly.

  • You can clean your platinum jewelry much the same way you clean other jewelry, although many recommend using a store purchased cleaner you can get the same results by soaking your piece in a solution of mild dish soap (Ivory) and clean warm water, gently rub it with a soft jewelers cloth afterwards. Never use abrasive cleaners.


  • It’s a good idea to have your platinum jewelry cleaned professionally once in a while, the frequency of professionally cleaning depends on the the frequency it is worn, how it is stored and whether or not it contains gemstones.¬†Typically¬†items containing gemstones require more frequent cleaning as oil from the skin and other debris can accumulate in small crevices.


  • It’s best to avoid handling harsh cleaning chemicals or bleach when wearing your platinum jewelry, discoloration is a risk to gemstones. Remove jewelry when performing manual labor.


  • Most new platinum jewelry is polished to a high gloss when purchased, platinum however develops a natural ‘patina’ over time that many people prefer in the end. If however you want to restore your jewelry to it’s high gloss state a qualified jeweler can re-polish if for you.


  • Although extremely dense and strong, platinum does scratch so it is recommended that it is stored separately in a velvet pouch if possible.


  • Due to platinum’s density, strength and high melting temperature it is advisable any resizing, repairs, polishing, cleaning or alterations be done by a qualified jeweler who has been ‘bench trained’ in platinum.


  • Store all your jewelry in a safe place and make sure they are insured adequately against loss and theft.


Like other metals, platinum will scratch, but unlike other jewelry precious metals the weight remains the same. That means it has not lost that bit where you see the scratch, but rather, it has been displaced somewhere else. You may notice small scratches while cleaning, and if you do, it is a good idea to have it taken in to have it fixed and polished.

Whatever you choose when you think about how to clean platinum jewelry, perhaps the most important thing is to remember to be gentle. The frequency your jewelry needs to be cleaned is directly related to the amount it is worn and how it is stored.

Regular cleaning of your platinum jewelry will ensure the finish stays looking great and will last forever.


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