22k Gold Jewelry : Gold is one of the most sought after jewelry precious metals in the world today.

When talking about 22kt Gold Jewelry we are referring to jewelry composed of 22 parts pure gold and 2 parts of other metals such as copper, nickel or silver.

Throughout history gold has been cherished by most if not all civilizations as a symbol of wealth, prosperity, vitality and good fortune. More popular in eastern cultures 22k gold is starting to become popular in the west as well.

Gold may seem to many as just a piece of jewelry or a valuable metal. Nevertheless, Gold has great significance and power. Gold has a rich history for which bloodshed and wars have been fought. So, you can imagine why the people of the world cherish and consider gold as yellow money.

Its value does not diminish in the market and remains an excellent hedge against inflation. Gold is still considered to be the traditional metal used in wedding bands and rings and thus it’s not difficult at all to realize the rush of gold and subsequent soaring of price of gold in spite of various monetary crisis, as more and more individuals acquire gold as an enclosure against actual & potential currency devaluations.

You will have unlimited options when it comes to buying wedding rings and bands, chains and necklaces, earrings, bracelets and ornaments for important occasions, 22k is one option…

22k Gold Jewelry Popularity

To date 22k gold jewelry has been particularly popular in India, China, the Middle and Far East and Africa. Due to the malleability of gold in general the addition of alloys play an important part in improving the hardness, strength and durability of gold jewelry.

Although you can find of examples of 24k and 22k gold jewelry it isn’t particularly practical for everyday wear. It is extremely easy to ‘bend’ and thus damage. From my experience I would recommend sticking to a maximum of 18k gold jewelry for everyday use.

22k Gold Facts

Pure gold (24k) is too soft to be used in jewelry, so jewelers often use 22k gold to make jewelry that is studded with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and pearls. The karat marking on your jewelry should be accompanied by a hallmark or trademark that identifies its maker. You’ll find examples of pure gold jewelry, but pure gold is soft and isn’t practical for daily wear.

Density: Gold has much higher density compared to other metals which are used as alloys, so the higher the purity of gold the heavier the weight of gold jewelry. If you have allergies to nickel or other metals 22k gold jewelry may be a solution for you because it contains less of the metals that you are allergic to.

The term 22kt or 22k gold jewelry refers to the fact that that particular piece of jewelry is a balance of 22 parts gold and 2 parts of some other metal(s). Since 22k gold jewelry is mostly composed with pure gold, it typically retains a rich yellow brilliance that is almost identical to 24k gold jewelry.

Gold Karats

Gold is measured in karats, it is stamped with a number followed the letter ‘k’ or ‘kt’. In Europe the number can be followed by ‘c’ or ‘ct’, they also use a numerical marking system i.e. 22k and 916 mean exactly the same thing, that is the item contains 91.6% actual gold content. In western countries 10, 14 and 18k gold are most popular.

Click here for more information on gold hallmarks.

We’ve established that 24 karat gold is the most malleable, on the opposite side of the spectrum is 10 karat gold being the hardest. Typically 24k gold is considered to be .999 fine whereas 10k would be .416 or 41.6% gold alloyed with other metals.

The Color Of Gold

White and yellow gold are similar in durability and strength. Gold is naturally yellow in color, gold’s color is affected by the amount of alloys added such as nickel, silver, zinc or copper. The color of other metals changes the color of gold, this is where the term’s white, yellow, rose or red gold originates.

Example of gold colors and finishes. 24 karat or pure gold is yellow in color, this rich yellow color can be altered, for example the addition of copper gives the gold a more reddish hue, this is referred to as red or rose gold. Copper increases the hardness of the gold without bleaching the desirable yellow gold color.

Things to look out for in 22-K Gold Jewelry:

22-K gold may catch your eye but you have to ensure that it is genuine. Some dishonest merchants often sell lesser materials and sell them off as 22-k gold to novice buyers.

From people and in my experience items hallmarked 22k are rarely 22k, if they are hallmarked 22k they are typically around the 21k area, this is not deception by the individuals wanting to sell their items but more by the merchants they originally purchased them from.


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