Among the finest gold given and worn is 18k gold jewelry. From ancient Egyptian bangles, neckpieces and hoops to modern times when the giving and wearing of jewelry is seen as a gesture of love, esteem and even as a symbol of status, people have appreciated the appearance and value of gold.

Commanding a higher price than lower karat gold jewelry, 18k gold jewelry is considered special for a number of reasons. To understand why this is so, it does help to have a handle on what gold is, where it comes from and what the karat designation really means.

Gold Properties

Gold itself is considered one of the many metallic elements found naturally in the world. Unlike other metals, however, gold is considered relatively rare. Bearing the chemical symbol Au, which is a shortened version of the Latin word for “glowing dawn,” or aurum, gold is not a metal found in the same kind of abundance as other mined materials.

Deposits of gold are found all over the world, in regions as diverse as the Americas and the Middle East. Locating these deposits is often considered reason for celebration. The western Gold Rush of the late 1800 and early 1900s in America is an example of this. While Black Hills and Yukon gold are legendary, some of the earliest mines are believed to have been located within the region of the Upper Nile, which explains the Egyptian affinity for the metal.

Gold itself is considered valuable not only for its beauty, but also its particular properties. This metal can be worked into a variety of different shapes and forms with relative ease. Very high temperatures are required to make this happen, however. The melting point of gold is a steamy 1,064 degrees centigrade and its boiling point comes in at 2,808 degrees.

Understanding Gold Karats

The measurement of gold is the “karat” in the United States and Germany. In other parts of the world, it is the “carat.” This measurement identifies the purity of a particular piece of gold. When 18k gold jewelry is discussed, it means the object is roughly 75 percent pure gold. This is the standard for fine jewelry, but it is not uncommon to find an abundance of 14k and 10k gold jewelry. While 22k and 24k gold is sometimes discussed, this level of purity is often considered far too soft for making items that endure the rigors of wear

The Colors Of Gold Jewelry

Color is often a consideration when looking at 18k gold jewelry. The color of gold, whether it is 10k, 14k or 18k, often depends on other metals found naturally in the deposits or added during the refining process. The color of gold typically hinges on two major factors: the other kinds of alloys included and the percentage of their occurrence in a deposit or a refined, finished product.

Yellow gold, for example, tends to reflect the more pure color of gold itself. White and rose gold can carry the 18k gold designation, but they are often mixed with other alloys to create the white and rose casts. White is generally enhanced with rhodium and rose with copper.

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