14k Gold Jewelry : One of the most sought after jewelry precious metals is Gold. Gold jewelry serves as a perfect memento for the birth of your child, a reminder of your travels abroad, or a keepsake for your best friend or loved one. Who wouldn’t love to have beautifully crafted gold jewelry.

How Pure Is 14k Gold Jewelry?

Purity of Gold is measured in “karats”. Variation in karat value accounts for differences in prices and colors of gold. 24 karats denotes 100% pure gold. Any karat value below 24 is the amount of pure gold that occupies the gold jewelry alloy. 18 karat equals 18/24ths, likewise, 14 karat equals 14/24ths of pure gold or 585/1000 parts. The remaining mixture of non-gold metals are not very important in determining value, but are primarily used to increase strength and vary color in gold jewelry.

In addition, properties such as hardness and durability are enhanced as gold is alloyed, allowing for greater scratch resistance and less vulnerability to damage. 10k, 14k and 18k gold jewelry are very popular in U.S and Europe. Fineness is how gold is measured in Europe. 14k gold jewelry is considered as 585 parts of gold per thousand parts in fineness.

14k Gold Hallmarks

The style of gold hallmarks varies throughout the world, the following table shows the most common 14k gold jewelry hallmarks in North America and Europe.

North American Marking European Numerical Marking British Marking Percentage Of Gold
14k or 14kt  585 14c or 14ct  58.5%

Click here for more information on gold hallmarks.

14k White Gold

14k White Gold is usually more expensive than 14k yellow gold, this is due to the fact that the metals used to obtain the white color namely silver, palladium and sometimes a coating of rhodium are more expensive than the metals used in the manufacturing of yellow gold.

Keeping Your Gold Jewelry Safe

  • Light tarnish can be removed by using soap water and a soft bristle brush. After gentle scrubbing, rinse and dry with a cotton cloth. You can also use a specially treated cloth or other cleaning products.
  • Do not throw away the case that you got your gold jewelry in as it would serve as a proper storage for your piece.
  • Avoid contact with soap, perfume, cosmetics and hairspray.
  • Take chains and bracelets off at night, and store them flat to prevent them from kinking or breaking.
  • Remember to take that off while doing household chores or personal grooming as chlorine and other bleaching products may damage gold by oxidizing it and making it black.
  • Lotions, creams and other grooming products may also make your jewelry black.

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